Catalogues on the sustainability of frozen fisheries

About this project

Project to disseminate activities to promote sustainability in frozen fish fisheries.

The OPPC-3 and its associates have been developing a series of actions to promote sustainability in the field of frozen fishing which have involved a great effort and which, nevertheless, have not been adequately communicated, maintaining old stereotypes about this fleet. The aim of this project is to positively disseminate these actions to promote the sustainability of frozen fishing through actions to disseminate it in its three aspects: social, economic and environmental, as fundamental vectors of sustainable fishing development.

To carry out this project, the drafting and publishing of “The catalogues of the sustainability of frozen fishing” was carried out, a set of three ebooks on environmental, economic and social sustainability of the fleet and its activity, which also contains data on all the actions carried out by the fleet in the field of sustainability.


The actions to promote the ebooks included social networks such as Facebook ( and Twitter ( to give them visibility and help disseminate the contents of “The frozen fisheries sustainability catalogues”.


To promote the publication and download on the Amazon platform of each of these e-books, a presentation ceremony was held in the auditorium of ARVI (Fishing Port of Vigo), which was attended by numerous personalities from the fishing sector and where the intervention of María do Carme García Negro (godmother of the social sustainability catalogue), and Ray Hilborn via video (godfather of the environmental sustainability catalogue) took place.

Project documentation

Free E-book “The environmental sustainability of frozen fisheries”

Free E-book “The Economic Sustainability of Frozen Fishing”

Free E-book “The Social Sustainability of Frozen Fishing”

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