CEPESCA’s marine litter sectoral strategy

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About this project

CEPESCA's sectoral strategy for the fisheries sector's contribution to the reduction of marine litter

The project “CEPESCA’s sectoral strategy for the contribution of the fishing sector to the reduction of marine litter” was developed with the support of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, through the Pleamar Programme in its 2017 call for proposals, co-financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

The main objective of the project was to contribute to the reduction of litter in the marine environment at state level through the development of the national strategy for the fisheries sector for the reduction of marine litter that supports and complements the Marine Strategies in relation to the D10 of marine litter.

Therefore, Sinerxia’s action was to support CEPESCA in defining an action strategy that would allow it to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of marine litter in Spain and to be able to contribute to its minimisation. To this end, the following work was carried out:

  1. Updating and validation of the state of the art and global good practices in the collection of marine litter by the fishing sector with at least 15 good practices in fishing for litter located at national or international level.
  2. Elaboration of a state-wide sectorial diagnosis through the design and development of at least 700 on-line, telephone or face-to-face surveys to the agents of the sector, where information is collected on the vision of the sector, models that are currently being implemented, feasibility of the incorporation of litter collection in fishing activity (passive and/or active, remunerated fishing models) and economic impact. The diagnostic report to be developed will also incorporate the section on institutional challenges and cross-cutting dimensions (gender approach and most disadvantaged groups).
  3. Based on the above information, development of two strategic lines validated intra- and inter-sectorially in synergy with the programme of measures deriving from the monitoring programmes of floating marine litter / in funds and an action plan for the achievement of an annual litter reduction target of 200 Tn.
  4. Compilation and design of 6 waste recovery actions validated by the fishing sector to strengthen the transition towards the circular economy.
  5. Definition of 8 innovative measures that integrate mechanisms for the collection of waste in the different gears.
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