First edition of the Peque Peixe project

Promoting fish consumption among schoolchildren

About this project

First edition of the Peque Peixe project for the promotion of fish consumption among schoolchildren.

The Peque Peixe project was an initiative promoted by the Directorate General for Language Policy in 2019. The aim of the project was to teach the values of conservation and respect for the marine environment and the importance of eating fish. This was achieved through a language specific to the sea and using the names of the species and fishing gear, all in Galician.

Sinerxia Plus Consultora was the company in charge of developing the Peque Peixe actions. It coordinated the presentation event, developed the didactic material for the children and the educational community, and organised the guided tour and the Show Cooking.

For the presentation of Peque Peixe, the project had the collaboration of the Organisation of Fisheries Producers of Lugo (OPP-7). The OPP-7 collaborated in an important way by means of:

A visit to the Burela fish market.
The delivery of promotional material to raise awareness and promote fish consumption.
A Show Cooking for children by Ana Oca.

132 schoolchildren from 1st and 2nd year of Primary Education from CEIP Virxe do Carme in Burela, CEIP Fondo Nois (Foz) and CEIP Península da Paz in San Cibrao took part in the presentation event. In addition, fish consumption was promoted and the participants were able to get to know the Burela fish market and the species that are sold there.

The novelty of taking schoolchildren and the children’s animation characters “Os Bolechas” to a fish market aroused great media interest. Added to this was the fact that the reason for the visit was to talk about the richness of the language linked to the sea. The children’s natural curiosity for marine animals and the fact that they were accompanied on the visit by well-known popular figures made the event dynamic and very entertaining for the children.

To learn more about the Peque Peixe project and access the Teaching Units click here.

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