Fishermen’s guilds opt for blue growth

Fishermen's guilds for blue economy and growth

About this project

Fishermen's guilds for blue economy and growth

Sinerxia supports FNCP in blue growth. The consultancy firm Sinerxia Plus has been the company chosen by the Federación Nacioanal de Cofradías to develop the COFBLUEGROWTH project. It is a project supported by the Pleamar Programme of the Biodiversity Foundation. Its objective is to draw up a national strategic plan for the blue economy and blue growth. To this end, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the potential of the ocean economy will be taken into account. Its development will focus on the sustainable use of coastal areas, seas and oceans to increase the social, economic and environmental benefits for fishing and seafood communities.

Project objectives:

  1. To analyse in a participatory way the current situation of fishing and seafood communities in terms of blue growth and SDGs.
  2. Formulate an innovative and inclusive sectoral strategic plan for sustainability and blue economy.
  3. To inform, disseminate and raise awareness on the situation analysed and diagnosed in the communities, the strategic plan defined as well as on basic issues on blue economy and blue growth and environmental sustainability in the fishing and seafood sector, encouraging reflection and promoting participation.

Sinerxia supports FNCP in blue growth

There is now international concern for the future of the marine environment, a common good that provides a variety of ecosystem services. Coastal zones, seas and oceans are increasingly threatened, degraded and destroyed by human activities. This trend will continue.

For this reason, and because thousands of people depend on these areas, directly or indirectly, it is necessary to act and to lay the foundations of a strategy to tackle the problem. The National Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds is sensitive to these issues and therefore, through this project, aims to draw up a national strategic plan on blue economy and blue growth. It will do so taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the possibilities of the blue economy. For this, it will count on the technical assistance of the consultancy firm Sinerxia, which will advise the FNCP on blue growth.

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