Fish&Health App for nutritional management

Promotion of traditional fish species

About this project

Campaign to promote traditional frozen fish species through their nutritional specialisation.

The main objective of the “Fish & Health” project was to promote the consumption of frozen fish among the consumer public based on a nutritional study of the fish species promoted and the development of a free technological application (App) for mobiles and tablets IOs and Android.

A study of the market was carried out to segment it by type of consumer, and a nutritional study of the properties of each species allowed us to adapt them to each of the different types of consumer depending on their conditions, needs and lifestyle habits.

All this information was translated into a web page that has a virtual assistant for the telematic attention of frozen fish consumers:

In addition, as the main tool of this project, a powerful application for mobile devices and tablets was designed and developed with recipes adapted to each type of consumer: in it, the fish species that best suit the characteristics of each one can be selected, and it has recipes adapted to each category of consumer and their special needs. Specifically, this Application draws up your own nutritional profile based on your socio-demographic, physiological, pathological and culinary characteristics. Through a section that classifies your consumption, it encourages healthy eating and the preparation of recipes based on your cooking time and your culinary preferences, to give you tastier ideas for each species of fish. This App also provides you with recommendations based on the characteristics of your profile, thus generating a specific nutritional pattern for your needs: general and health recommendations that best suit your situation, as well as the specific fish recommendations it considers most suitable for your nutritional profile.

This project also has social networks such as Facebook ( and Twitter (

The Project was presented in a hall of the University Hospital Complex of Santiago de Compostela and was attended by numerous personalities from both the fisheries sector and the health sector, being enormous the interest aroused not only with the Conference in which the presentation of the Application was framed but with the application itself and its functionalities as a reinforcement to the healthy diet and balanced diet and that helps to improve health conditions in general.

Project documentation

Video of the Fish&Health App

Fish&Health App download link for IOs systems

Download link for the Fish&Health App for Android Systems

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