“Fresh and wild fish” guarantee mark


About this project

Campaign to promote traditional fresh fish species through the creation of the "FRESH AND WILD FISH" brand and promotional actions.

The main objective of this project was to enhance the value of fresh fish species through the creation of a traceability brand and the definition of a corporate image conveying the concept “Fresh & Wild” and a set of tools to promote this idea.


In order to have an updated database of the species targeted by the campaign, information was collected on their different characteristics and properties: measurements, weights, nutritional and gastronomic properties, fishing grounds, ways of preparation, etc.

Various technological tools were also created to publicise the project and the most relevant information on each of these species, such as an App, a website and a QR code (which will be printed on the labels of the “Fresco & Salvaje” brand to identify the campaign).  A manual for the use and traceability of the label itself was also drafted.



The application for mobile devices and tablets includes information on the species, their characteristics and main qualities, from their capture points to their nutritional properties, types and average sizes.


The website (https://frescoysalvaje.info), which is accessible to everyone, contains all the information about the campaign and serves to communicate the different milestones of the campaign.


This website is reinforced with the support of social networks such as Twitter: https://twitter.com/frescoysalvaje (@frescoysalvaje) and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frescoandsalvaje/

Finally, this project also included training sessions for the use of the technological tools and the joint corporate image “Fresco & Salvaje”.





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