Guide to commercial species of coastal fisheries

To know the 30 main fishery species

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Guide to commercial species of coastal fisheries

Sinerxia has developed during 2019 the “Spanish Fish and Seafood Guide”. Its aim was to inform consumers about key aspects of the main Spanish coastal fish species and products. The initiative came from the National Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds, which considered it necessary to promote this informative action.

The action was framed within the project “Pescados y Mariscos de España / Sea Food from Spain”, to try to encourage knowledge and consumption of the most representative species caught by Spanish coastal and coastal fishermen.

To this end, with the support of Sinerxia, the Guide to the 30 main species of fish and shellfish from the Spanish coastline was developed. These are products marketed by Spanish fishermen’s associations. The aim of this guide is to inform consumers about various aspects, such as consumption periods, sizes, fishing areas, etc…

The guide is available in Spanish and English.

Distributed throughout Spain.

The guide was distributed in marketplaces in all the autonomous communities of Spain. The aim of this action was to reach market stallholders and consumers. It can also be downloaded online. It shows a summary of the most relevant information on each of the species collected.  The FNCP chose them based on an analysis of the main sales of fish and seafood in Spain.

The guide also includes the fishing gear used to catch them. The guide also includes their seasonality and the time of capture. Consumers are thus encouraged to buy them in season. With this practice, the aim is to ensure the sustainability of the species.

This guide was part of the campaign “Fish and Seafood from Spain”, developed by Sinerxia for the National Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds (FNCP) and can be downloaded from the project’s website or by clicking on the following link click here.

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