Merluza de Burela campaign in the traditional markets of Madrid

Burela Meluza reaches the markets of Madrid

About this project

Promotional campaign for Burela hake in the traditional markets of Madrid

The Burela Hake Promotional Campaign in the Traditional Markets of Madrid was an initiative of the Lugo Fish Producers’ Organisation (OPP-7).  Sinerxia Plus Consultora was the company in charge of developing this campaign.

The aim of the campaign was to promote awareness and consumption of Burela Spiny Dogfish Hake. This was carried out through promotional actions in 3 food markets in Madrid. The markets chosen were the Mercado de Maravillas, the Mercado de la Paz and the Mercado de Chamartín. These are three markets with a large presence of families who shop there regularly and where hake from Burela was already marketed.

The actions took place between November and December 2019. This campaign was part of the promotional actions of the OPP Lugo included in its annual production and marketing plan. It is co-financed by the Xunta de Galicia and the European and Maritime Fisheries Fund.

This campaign has been a very positive first experience in terms of the impact of this species, so it must continue in order to consolidate the image of this product in the coming years. Between the three events, 850 free tastings of the product with 6 different preparations have been carried out and have been very well received.

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