Second edition of the Peque Peixe project

Promoting fish consumption among schoolchildren

About this project

Second edition of the Peque Peixe project for the promotion of fish consumption among schoolchildren.

The Peque Peixe project made a second visit to the port of Burela in 2019. It counted with the collaboration of the Organisation of Fisheries Producers of Lugo (OPP-7) and the Association of Shipowners of Burela S.A (ABSA).

The programme of activities was developed by Sinerxia Plus Consultora. Sinerxia was in charge of leading the activities to bring the schoolchildren closer to the world of the sea and fishing. This consisted of:

  • Guiding the group of pupils in the activity of the fish market and in the classroom knowledge of the most common species in this area
  • Talk about the professions of the sea
  • To promote the consumption of fish and its value through traditional gastronomy

In this second edition of Peque Peixe, a total of 138 students between 10 and 11 years old and 11 teachers from 4 schools from towns in the Mariña lucense participated. CEIP Península da Paz (San Cibrao), CEIP nº 1 Foz (Foz), CPR Plurilingüe Nuestra Señora del Pilar (Foz) and CEIP Virxe do Carme (Burela).

The activities to bring schoolchildren closer to the work centres are usually of interest, but also on this occasion the active participation in the day, being able to see the fish up close and the holding of a traditional recipe competition, made this event a great success.

To learn more about the Peque Peixe project and access to the Didactic Units click here.

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