Sinerxia and the FNCP promote “Fish and Seafood from Spain”.

Spanish guilds launch their own brand

About this project

Sinerxia and the FNCP promote "Fish and Seafood from Spain".

The “Pescados y mariscos de España / Sea food from Spain” was born from the need to correctly identify the coastal and coastal species of Spain. The aim was to be able to promote them jointly in Spain and abroad.

This reflection arose from the detected need to join forces in the work of promoting fish in Spain, which is dispersed and fragmented. A country with multiple species and qualities of fish and seafood.

This is why the National Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds, with the support of Sinerxia Plus, promoted the initiative christened “Pescados y Mariscos de España / Sea Food from Spain”. Its aim was to promote knowledge and consumption of the most representative species caught by Spanish coastal and coastal fishermen.

The project led to the registration of the trademark “Pescados y Mariscos de España”, which was accepted by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. It is expected that during 2020 the regulations for its use and management will be approved and the Spanish fishermen’s associations will begin to adhere to it.

This campaign was developed during 2019 and was supported by the MAPA and the FEMP Fund.

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