Sinerxia develops the Empleaverde project “ECOBIOS”

A project supported by the Fundacion Biodiversidad

About this project

Sinerxia develops the Empleaverde project "ECOBIOS"

In October 2018, the Biodiversity Foundation, through its Empleaverde Programme, approved the project “ECOBIOS- Biosphere Reserves for Eco products” developed by Sinerxia Plus Consultora.

The project “ECOBIOS- Biosphere Reserves for Eco products” developed by Sinerxia Plus Consultora.
The main objective of the ECOBIOS project was to provide training to create eco/green jobs and/or improve employability in Spanish Biosphere Reserves. The selected reserves were Terras do Mandeo e Mariñas Coruñesas, Río Eo, Oscos e Terras do Burón and the Extremadura reserve of Monfragüe.

Sinerxia promotes green employment.

The project aimed to train 114 unemployed people in the production, distribution and sale of organic products. ECOBIOS worked on employability, seeking to improve the employability of its participants. It also sought to achieve the objective of insertion of at least 10% of its trainees. To this end, it contemplated the implementation of face-to-face and online training actions, as well as the necessary means to promote employability in the aforementioned areas with contracts of at least 6 months’ duration. With this objective, a team was set up for Sinerxia to promote green employment through training and insertion.
For more information about the ECOBIOS project you can click here, or consult its Twitter or Facebook.

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