At Sinerxia we are committed to our clients and to the people who make up our organization.


A commitment born from the motivation and passion for the work we develop for our clients, with whom we always act with professionalism and ethics to generate and gain their trust.

Committed customers bring differential value
At Sinerxia we believe that committed customers -as well as committed employees- provide a differential value. Therefore, we put all our efforts in keeping our organization and the people who are part of it up to date through a clear commitment to corporate and business social responsibility.
There is no growth if it is not sustainable
At Sinerxia we believe that there is no growth if it is not sustainable, and therefore, growth and economic activity must be combined with an environmental perspective and social commitment to its customers, employees, stakeholders and society.
A better and better prepared team
We accompany our employees and collaborators in their professional growth so that our team becomes better and better prepared from the perspective of effort, constant updating and equality.
Committed to the development and wellbeing of our employees
Equal opportunities in Sinerxia is an important ethical commitment and responsibility with the development and welfare of our employees. This has led us to incorporate measures and strategies that favor equal opportunities between men and women in our company, who strive to perform their work in an ethical and responsible manner.
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sexual and gender-based harassment protocol.

We are convinced that equal opportunities between women and men is a fundamental pillar in the development of society and we want to apply this principle in the implementation of the measures agreed and designed in the first Equality Plan that was drawn up in 2023 with the involvement and active participation of the entire structure.

This equality plan, as an instrument to integrate effective equality between women and men in the company, has the following characteristics:

It is designed and intended for all personnel.

It is based on the commitment of the entire company, guaranteeing its implementation, follow-up and evaluation.

It considers as one of its basic principles the participation through dialogue and cooperation of the whole company.

It is preventive, eliminating any possibility of future discrimination based on gender.

It is dynamic and open to change according to the needs that arise from its monitoring and evaluation.

It adopts gender mainstreaming as one of its guiding principles and an effective strategy to make equality between women and men effective.

It includes an action protocol for sexual and gender-based harassment.


The signing parties agree that the Equality Plan will be in effect for 4 years from the date of signature.


Family-Responsible Company Certificate.

We are committed to managing by reconciling and therefore in 2022 we followed an external verification process carried out by Fundación Másfamilia to obtain the seal of accreditation as a family-responsible company, which we obtained in October 2023.

In addition, we have also implemented protocols for digital disconnection outside working hours under the terms established in Article 88 of O.L. 3/2018 of December 5, which has included conducting training in this area.

Label approval n° ES - 220 / 2022 / Másfamilia

was founded in 2003 as a private, professional, independent, non-profit and charitable organization.

They develop actions that improve the quality of life and welfare of people and their families by managing the reconciliation of personal, family and work life through the efr model.


We are moving towards a new company concept!

We have been distinguished with the “Empresa Responsabilízate” Seal, a program promoted by the Department of Employment Promotion and Equality of the Xunta de Galicia that rewards companies committed to the implementation of sustainable, social and governance practices. A recognition that highlights the quality and commitment to social responsibility.

Empresa Responsabilízate
Seal "Empresa Resoponsabilízate"
Xunta de Galicia

Being more socially and environmentally responsible benefits all types of companies, not just large corporations. Leading companies, those with the best reputations, have already been integrating CSR into their strategies for some time. In this regard, the key is the training and commitment of management teams, who will be responsible for implementing it effectively in all areas of management.

Social Action

Collaboration with the Alliance for Childhood Vaccination

An initiative created 15 years ago by the “la Caixa” Foundation in collaboration with Gavi, the Caccine Alliance to fight against child mortality in developing countries with problems of access to universal health care. Since its creation, they have helped to vaccinate almost 9 million children under 5 years of age in the 73 poorest countries in the world, thus offering a future full of hope and health.

Meigas Football Club Sponsorship

We bet and support local sports, that’s why we joined the Meigas Football Club, a women’s second division futsal team presided and coached by women. We continue to fight to break glass ceilings in all areas.

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